2017 ACTHA Spring Conference  (subject to change)

Building the Bridge: Strengthening Partnerships Between Association Boards and Vendors
Presenters: Charissa Ziobro, CMCA, AMS, Regional Director, Associa
Pamela Urso, Board President, Fountains on Carriageway Condo Assn
                    Chuck Schneider, President, Lincoln Hancock Restoration
                    Eddie Litke, Litke Financial Group
                    Robert Prince, Attorney, Chatt & Prince P.C.

A positive working relationship between association boards and their vendors is critical.  It begins with a clear understanding of needs and detailed specifications.  Develop written expectations in order to compare apples with apples.  All parties need to approve and buy into the contract which then becomes a step by step plan to be respected by all.

Association Exchange
This association-only session provides a forum for attendees to discuss issues, share ideas and exchange information. Connect with fellow board members/unit owners and experience the value of association relationships through ACTHA!

Commercial Exchange
This session offers vendor attendees the opportunity to assess the current business landscape and discuss effective ways to penetrate the community association market. Many creative vendor partnerships have blossomed through ACTHA!

Cultivating Owner Involvement – Breaking Through Barriers
Presenters: Phil Pritzker, General Manager, The Habitat Company
                    Jim Jacobsen, Board President, 400 E Randolph Condo Assn
A successful community doesn’t just happen.  Boards need to cultivate involvement among the residents so everyone feels they are welcome to participate and contribute their talents and experience.  When people show they care about and look out for each other, everyone has a stake in their community and its future.

Financial Tips-Not Just for Treasurers
Presenters: Tom Skweres, CMCA, Regional Vice President, ACM Community Management
                    Steve Silberman, CPA, Partner, Marcum LLP
These Tips are not just concerns for the Treasurer.  To ensure your funds are secure it is important for every board member to understand the reports, internal controls and financial procedures that are in place.  As fiduciaries, the entire board is accountable and shares oversight.  So take off the blinders.  Knowledge trumps falsely placed trust!

Attorney’s Role at Meetings
Presenters: Charles T. VanderVennet, Attorney, Law Office of Charles T. VanderVennet
David Hartwell, Principal, Penland & Hartwell
Successful boards have learned the importance of including professionals on their team.  Although this session is focused on your legal professional, some concepts are universal.  Shopping for the lowest hourly rate or retainer is not advisable.  A strong relationship is built on trusting the experience and knowledge of the attorney you select.  To find a good fit, ask who will be your attorney of record, who will respond to requests for opinions, and who handles collections, and litigation.  This session will provide the details and define the responsibilities.

The New Legal Framework for Meetings & Communication
Presenter: Stephen Daday, Partner, Klein, Daday, Aretos & O’Donoghue LLC
The saying is “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Following this adage could lead to costly mistakes.  Paying attention to new or amended legislation and how and if it applies to your association is critical.  Often a new Act will result in amendments to clarify an issue or to deal with its unintended consequences.  Learn which proposed or approved bills affect your association.